Ibiza Party Calendar 2014

Our Ibiza Party Calendar 2014 is the most comprehensive calendar of events in Ibiza.

It’s a great way to plan your Ibiza holiday and make sure you don’t miss out on any events. We add parties daily to keep the calendar completely up-to-date and we’re always checking the line-ups to ensure they’re correct. We list parties for all major clubs in Ibiza as well as small and interesting one-off parties, to give you a real flavour of the diverse parties happening in Ibiza 2014.

Our Ibiza Party Calendar 2014 has every confirmed party listed so you no longer need to search around the internet to find out what’s happening. Clicking on any event will bring up more details about the party, including the full line-up and details. Our Ibiza Party Calendar also allows you to purchase cheap Ibiza club tickets or indulge yourself with a luxury VIP table. Clicking on and DJ name will take you to a page with every event they’re playing at this summer.

Whilst we endeavour to ensure the details on this page are correct, often there are last minute changes during the season and we cannot accept any responsibility for the information contained on this calendar. If you would like your event listed, please contact us.

So what are you waiting for? See what’s happening on our Ibiza Party Calendar 2014!

2015 Events will be announced from January 2015

Nov 2014

Mon 27 Oct
Tue 28 Oct
Wed 29 Oct
Thu 30 Oct
Fri 31 Oct
Sat 01 Nov
Sun 02 Nov
Mon 03 Nov
Tue 04 Nov
Wed 05 Nov
Thu 06 Nov
Fri 07 Nov
Sat 08 Nov
Sun 09 Nov
Mon 10 Nov
Tue 11 Nov
Wed 12 Nov
Thu 13 Nov
Fri 14 Nov
Sat 15 Nov
Sun 16 Nov
Tue 18 Nov
Wed 19 Nov
Thu 20 Nov
Fri 21 Nov
Sat 22 Nov
Sun 23 Nov
Mon 24 Nov
Tue 25 Nov
Wed 26 Nov
Thu 27 Nov
Fri 28 Nov
Sat 29 Nov
Sun 30 Nov


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